About Us

MARLAN’S is a GROUP of Companies that have diverse activities all around the Globe. From the United States, to Europe, Africa and all the way to Asia, our Group has representations for solid partnerships.

For some companies breakthrough technology fuels their growth. For others, it is enhancing customer loyalty or successful entry into emerging global markets. But for all companies, the one priority that stands at the very top is talent. With it, everything is possible!

Our Mission

To be a leading organization that empowers small and mid-sized businesses to reach their full potential.

Our Vision

To maintain a healthy business environment founded on credibility. One that promotes customer satisfaction.

To help small and medium-sized businesses gain global visibility.

To advance equality and equity by using our media platforms to inspire unity.

To provide global access to warehousing and logistics for small and medium-sized businesses


Dregding and Construction

Wood, Bricks and Block

Logistic Service Provider

Structuring Financing


HR Solutions

Our Ventures

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Discover the best medical supplies at your fingertips

HR Solutions

This is a consulting firm providing support in different areas of HR Management


A platform where you will find the best deals


Friendly Moving and Delivery Company

Barito Finance

International Finance


The Ultimate Shopping Experience


Vhosscom is a media company whose mission is to ensure that opperessed voices are heard and are not suppressed

BMD Finance



Discover Luxury in every drop/where Convenience Meets Luxury

MARLAN’S World Services

Warehouse and Logistic


MARLAN’S GROUP is always open for communication on its projects. Feel free to inquire on our services.


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